My Most Recent Battle with Mental Health…

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What in the world is Akathisia? Yeah, I said the same thing when I called my psychiatrist after experiencing severe suicidal thoughts and hallucinations from Latuda. I decided to put together a quick video explaining how I got back on medications for Bipolar, what my experience was like and explain what Akathisia is. Check out the video below so you can recognize these serious symptoms if they ever happen to you.

Link to the video is here:
Latuda Review



Youtube: Learning to Love Yourself in 2018 (recap)

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Hey There Loves,

I’ve been deciding to switch up some of my blogging posts to vlogs. This was what a survey I posted back a while ago told me would be more helpful for people who didn’t always have time to read.

So here is a vlog with added thoughts and insights I’ve been using to Love Myself more in 2018. This goes back to my post: How to believe in yourself when nobody else does.

If you have a minute– Please help support the new channel I created on the large and in charge world of YOUTUBE. If you have one minute to spare–please drop a comment or subscribe to my page. It’d be much greatly appreciated! This new YouTube adventure is quite the change and challenge *hehe*.

Wishing you all the best, always. And don’t forget I’m here, as someone who relates, if you ever need anything. 

Love you all.