Fighting Stigma In Style– Featured Post

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving Eve,

Quickly wanted to share a recent post and website that I found influential! As powerful as the stigma surrounding Mental Health is, the power from people speaking up about their Mental Illness and Mental Health is creating something way more beautiful; something stigma will soon have no power over. 

One of the recent companies I came across, called “iandioutfitters” by Aurora is just one of many powerful influencers who shares a beautiful message and sells clothing to fight stigma in style. (Website information listed below). I advocated for Bipolar Health and Against Stigma on her most recent blog post. 

If you want to read more about my story featured on her site, simply click here on the link below:

I recently felt compelled to be involved in her movement because of her mission! I encourage you to check it out. It is always great to surround yourself with like-minded people. Her website is listed below:

I encourage you to leave your comments below about how Stigma or Bipolar has affected you. Speaking out to others who understand you can bring you so much peace and I’m grateful to have you, a community of people, who show me nothing but empathy, support, and compassion. I’m grateful for each one of you and thank you for helping ME through my own journey. Much love to all of YOU!


VLOG: Why It’s Important & 4 Ways To Show Compassion & Empathy Towards Others.

Hello and Happy Monday to  my friends,

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on why I find it so important that we reflect often on how we are showing Compassion and Empathy towards others. Especially because as a Mental Health Community, we fight for others to show understanding and compassion towards us because of our Mental Illness. I think it’ll help each of us grow better and stronger if we can learn that despite the stigma and the lack of empathy from the society we often get– compassion is what binds us together as human beings. Living in a world of violence, hatred, and negativity on a daily basis already makes life tough. Let’s be a beacon of hope. Let’s show others compassion and empathy as often as we can.

In this video below, I share the 4 ways I’ve been implementing showing others empathy and compassion in my life. Truth be told, they have slowly not only helped me show compassion and empathy towards others but these simple acts helped me grow as a person. At the end of the day, there are ways we can make this world a better place and this is a tremendously positive way to contribute your part.

cropped-adamire2.jpgI want to hear your thoughts! What ways do you show compassion or empathy to others?

Till next time, Take care, have a great week, stay positive and have some fun too!

Inside the Bipolar 2 Mind

I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 in the early spring of this year. Although I had heard of Bipolar, I had no idea the symptoms, the details and struggles that go into this particular Mental Illness for those that had been battling it every day.

It wasn’t for a few months that I even wrapped my head around this new concept and accepted I had been diagnosed with Bipolar. I took the medications like prescribed (of course, complaining about them the entire time), but most of the time I isolated myself so I could research, and research (and research) all the articles, data, and stories that I could find online to help me prove that this diagnosis was wrong…. but to no avail. As I read story after story and dived deep into understanding the explanation of this illness on Mental Health and Medical sites, I could easily say “me too!” to all the struggles and symptoms that consistently described how I was feeling, but I couldn’t articulate into words myself.

img_5356-e1541600399972.jpgSee, often people with Bipolar or any mood altering illness won’t explain to you the symptoms they experience in detail; partly because they don’t want to scare you and partly because they don’t fully understand them all themselves. It’s hard to understand a diagnosis so complex and then be able to articulate that into words. It’s hard for many reasons, but one being because some people don’t believe Mental Illness is real. It’s easy if you break your foot, go to the doctor, followed by an x-ray and then you get your diagnosis. When you are mentally ill, your ability to articulate how you are feeling, usually to a complete stranger,  is how we’re diagnosed which is why so many people are unproperly diagnosed for years before Bipolar and other Mental Health Disorders reveal their true characteristics which will finally lead to proper treatment. Treatment helps, I’m grateful for it because it makes it more manageable, but treatment doesn’t cure Mental Illness.

img_5355-1.jpgI still have to put in work every day to make the most out of the rapid cycling mood changes that drastically change as quick and easy as walking into a dark room and simply turning on the light switch to see; that darkness becomes light and vice-versa in less than seconds. Living with Bipolar, as simply put as I can explain it, is similar to that. Your mood will change in a matter of seconds for no reason at all and usually, it’s out of your control.

img_5357-2.jpgThe illness has a variety of symptoms which makes it even more difficult for people to get properly diagnosed. For example, I consider myself a very grounded person. I know who I am, my values and core beliefs. I know my boundaries and likes and dislikes. But, I don’t feel like I live in a ‘middle ground‘ mentally. I am either living in a state of mind called “Hypomania” or “Bipolar Depression”. Hypomania is constantly high-paced behavior and energy, accompanied by impulsive thinking where your ideas and thoughts race 100mph, you’re judgment becomes clouded and you can’t concentrate on the task at hand to save your life. It’s also coupled with heightened anxiety and can’t forget about that good old friend, insomnia, which regardless of how much sleep you get, your energy level will stay up and so these symptoms linger for 24 hours a day, weeks at a time. Doesn’t sound that bad, right? Actually, it’s exhausting. Exhausting both mentally and physically.


The other half of a Bipolar mindset is dark and isolating. During a depressive episode, it begins to feel normal to fantasize about suicide which is why people with Bipolar are 3x more likely to commit suicide. These thoughts that become horrifyingly casual are called “suicidal ideation”.  It’s common that people with Bipolar are unable to explain the symptoms of these episodes. Personally, I don’t want to see anyone, talk to anyone, do anything, go anywhere, try anything, eat anything; I’m simply, extremely unmotivated. I’m sad for no reason and struggling to fight the dark thoughts that present themselves consistently, although they’re 100% uninvited. I’m irritable, anxious, fatigued and feel completely empty. If I could draw or illustrate a visual picture for you during one of these episodes to capture how it feels, it’d simply be the darkest rain cloud I’ve ever seen suddenly blocking out any and all sunlight from every area of your life. That raincloud can’t be moved, it will simply stay for as long as it intends too and in reference to Bipolar, this is the battle that most would say is the hardest about Bipolar 2.

Understanding Mental Health is important because it’ll help you understand people more. Perhaps you’ll feel more compassion next time your friend bails last minute because they’re suddenly depressed or maybe you’ll reach out more to be that friend who can pull someone out of that isolation when they desperately need someone.

Bipolar is hard, but it’s manageable. It’s a part of me, but not my entire story. Yes, I still have to find a balance in life with this new diagnosis, I don’t know all my triggers yet and I only have a handful of tools that I have developed to make it through these depressive episodes. But, in time I know that I will become better and stronger at caring and battling for my Bipolar 2 Diagnosis. I only know that because of the incredible people who boldly shared their raw stories with Mental Illness and shed light into a time in my life when I was feeling incredibly alone.

img_5359My PSA for you is after knowing that 1 in 5 people suffer from a Mental Illness, chances are you know a lot more people who struggle with similar feelings to what I’ve described. I hope you know that you can be their beacon of hope and bring light even in the darkest of times by simply listening and reminding them they are not alone. For those of you that can relate to this illness, remember that an illness like this doesn’t make you broken. It makes you strong and brave for battling your own mind every day. You have one little sparkle of madness, you must never lose it!

Wishing you all the best,

VLOG: Finding The Magic In Mental Illness

Happy Monday and Hello Friends!

I was asked to do a Mental Health video for a YouTube page and thought I’d share the content on here in hopes it brings comfort that you’re not alone in struggling with Mental Illness. These are just some of the tips I’ve learned along the way on my own Mental Health journey and I hope they can bring light into your journey.

Youtube: Finding The Magic In Mental Illness

If you have tips of your own, please share! I’m always looking to learn more.


Until next time,

We Have So Much To Learn When We Become Comfortable in the Uncomfortable Times

Untitled design (6)How do you feel about being uncomfortable, about being outside your comfort zone? Because I hated that uncertainty, I use to run from it. I found the unknown is never comfortable, right? It’s not a promise that life is about to get better… or at least that’s what I thought, for years.

Being uncomfortable is something that most of us have to learn how to do. Most of us can’t even tolerate being uncomfortable for short amounts of time. We distract ourselves from our discomfort by using emotional high drama, eating, drinking, drugs and all kinds of addictions, or abusive behavior. 

016da83da8de43030b16a324a513132cDuring my lowest moments, I’ve lost myself only to find myself again. Time and Time again. I get stuck in the rapid cycle of thoughts that welcome themselves back because I’ve forgotten to take a break, I was uncomfortable and as life catches up to me all at once, the pessimism creeps in slowly and I begin to tell myself that:

“The demons from my past follow me around, reminding me of the hardships that I’ve just barely made it out of” 

“The thoughts in my head race all day. No breaks, No intermission. Just the heavy pressure of 100 miles per hour thoughts from morning until night”.

“I’m lost in the fact that we work for money and live for material things. Like the good things in life aren’t free?”

“I hear that “they get me”, but why doesn’t it feel that way?”

24/7 I’m wondering if I’m doing enough. 

“It feels like everyone knows what I’m supposed to be doing and who I’m supposed to become. But the real me isn’t defined by the size of my office or the money in my wallet”.

Those are the common thoughts I can get in a bad habit of letting play over and over when I’m going through a hard time. This pattern of thoughts that become so negative, drowning and have steered me off the path more than once. Although it can happen in a depressive episode, it also happens when the universe decides its time for life to change.

quotes-8-2Eventually, I had to say, “I’m not going to run this time from what I bury deep inside. It’s time to leave it all behind”. And I stayed in the misery. I stayed in the uncomfortable until it became… comfortable.

These uncomfortable moments brought the pain. Pain that stemmed internally and expands outward, making me physically distraught. But, from that pain, I also started to feel a sense of peace. Pain and peace, at once? I wasn’t sure how I felt about those feelings mixed together, either.  That is until Now. 



I realized the pain comes from the uncertainty of never walking that path before, not knowing the new version of you, not knowing what this new life that being uncomfortable is bringing you too or what it has to offer. But the peace stems from the bravery that it takes to sit in uncomfortable times. Bravery is having the audacity to be unhindered by the failures and to walk with hope, strength, and freedom into the face of uncertainty. How many times have we been brave and we never stopped to give ourselves the credit it took to weather that storm? Probably more times than we can count. 


I learned the best things come just one step outside of your comfort zone. You can wake up one day and feel a sense of pride for the life you chose, the life you made the most out of– and not the life you settled for.


The pain always come to the surface, we all make mistakes; that’s alright. That’s life. But it’s about what we build on, not what we got right now that’s going to get us to that next level.



Reach out and Grab That Glass, Fill it Full For You, Don’t let fear destroy it for you.


Remember, you are brave. And the best things wait for us just one step outside our comfort zone.








How Becoming Pregnant was what I Needed to Reflect, Change & Commit To New Goals

Pregnancy. What a game changer?

1f807039599d7cab6452a5721840dd62Life grows and changes, literally in every way, overnight.
That’s how I felt when I was first finding out and adjusting the first few weeks of:

Personal Development always seems to be a natural priority for me, but once I go through the beginning stages of Pregnancy. I feel like it accelerates to be my only priority in the beginning. Forget manicures, self-love routines, date nights; I reflect and mentally prepare for whatever I need to do to ensure I’m being my best self, a truly healthy and happy person.  Maybe I’m just the overthinker that runs into this problem, but I feel like more of us are similar than we are different so perhaps this is normal for others, too?


The questions I ask myself to begin with “Am I being healthy enough? Do I have enough patience? Where can I keep getting better?” and it’s easier for me to make a goal and commit to it when I am pregnant. I’m not sure why, but I think maybe that’s because I’m held accountable for creating a human life which is beautiful, but a large responsibility. Maybe it’s because life slows down and I take the extra time to revisit life with a new perspective– I’m not exactly sure what the inspiration is, but even though I commit to change easier, it doesn’t make change any easier. It’s still hard, difficult and physically exhausting sometimes.

After a miscarriage last year, I think it affected why it felt like nearly 9 weeks for me to truly feel pregnant and maternal. It sounds selfish, but it’s the truth.  I was afraid I’d lose the baby and have to relive the experience that comes when you miscarry. But, this little sidekick has been kicking my butt since day one. He or She decided they were here for good, and I’ve been beyond grateful for the opportunity. A beautiful blessing that was unexpected, but incredibly exciting.

My hope for you is that we realize we’re strong enough to commit to a change, we just need that motivation. Then we can fly wherever we want to go, do whatever it is we truly want to do. For me, it takes large, life-changing events for me to reflect and find that motivation. But, as I grow up and learn; life is about the small choices we make every day. They take us to our biggest adventures.  & for those of you who had gone through miscarries before, I’m sorry. I know the topic is taboo making it harder to express the pain and misery.  But there WILL be light in your life soon, never lose the hope and faith.

A little about this pregnancy: 


Cravings: ice cream, yogurt, juice, water, water. water. Strawberry Yogurt. Chocolate.

Symptoms: The worst is all day sickness; more like nausea that doesn’t go away. Fatigue. Acne. Tiredness. An overwhelming hot feeling, especially in my feet.

13 weeks pregnant, today!

Biggest changes: Seem to be a rapidly growing bump, despite nausea 24/7 that makes it difficult to feel hungry. The even more consistent mood swings (poor husband), the love for oranges and Lemonade that ends up being what I consume most of. The cuteness of Conner’s excitement and sweet gestures. “How much longer till the baby is here? When can I see it start dancing?”

Mood: Mood. Swings. Sums it up nicely haha.

How did you react when you were first adjusting to pregnancy?




How To Keep Believing That You Can Accomplish Your Dreams

Do you believe you can accomplish your dreams?
I know, that sounds so cliche. But, do you?
Because if we don’t believe in ourselves, nobody will believe in us.
& I remember when the present moment seemed so busy, so tiring, so painful; that my dreams took a back seat and the life I was living without dreams began to feel so meaningless. I had forgotten how to believe in myself and let my state of mind take me to a place I didn’t belong.

73e09e95c6841b0a77855e9e0006fa8eWe all have things we believe in, problems we hope will turn around and dreams we want to accomplish. Maybe it’s to lose some weight, break an addiction, start our own business or start a family. And right when we are set on fire to go after those dreams… life carries on, time continues to pass and we don’t see anything changing in our life. So we can get discouraged, we learn to live with it, we learn to settle. Right?

& especially throughout adversity, I’d get discouraged and I’d get bitter. My pain had helped me lose my sense of direction. Because pain and heartache and loss change us. They’ll never leave us the same person.

But, that’s not always a bad thing, is it?

Because it’s true that something unique and powerful can only be developed inside us during these tough times. In those times we lost our sense of direction, we let our dreams pass, we thought our life would be going one way and we’re stuck on the opposite side; It’s these times that can make us or break us. We can get bitter or get better. We can become defeated or make that pain set us on fire about new opportunities.

Hard times change us, but we can handle them. We will get through it. & best of all, how about we don’t go just go through it, but we grow through it. We make sure our pain won’t go to waste.


Life has a way of burying our dreams by the pain, the hurt, what didn’t work out, the divorce, the decisions you made and then those dreams become  “ONE TIME… I believed I could be my own boss”. “One Time, I believed I would be married forever. One time, I had a dream I’d have a family”. That inner dialogue we’re telling ourself and this temporarily weakened state of mind is a lie. Those statements are lies that we begin to tell ourselves when we’ve lost our strong state of mind. It’s never too late to become all you are designed, destined and made to be.

Maybe it doesn’t happen the first time.
Shake it off, it’s still in you. Just stay in the right state of mind.
So my challenge to you is to join me and learn to shake off all the crap that life throws at us. Let’s remember to try again and again.

This is your year to accomplish dreams.

Remember to believe in yourself.

Remember to talk to yourself with kindness and compassion.

Remember to keep your state of mind in the right direction, even when it’s a struggle.