Mental Health Resources {& Affiliates}

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Above all other reasons, I blog to help other people like me have a more positive experience with Mental Health. This page is probably the most important because it will be featured with resources that will help you with your Mental Health.

This list will be updated as I come across new organizations worthy of being shared.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, in fact it’s probably the hardest thing you have to do. That also makes you the strongest you’ve ever been. Own this moment and prepare for a better future by taking the best care of you today.

Please contact me for questions or comments.

First, an amazing foundation that is passionate about stopping stigma. They also provide a plethora of resources for all Mental Illnesses. Learn more below: 


Foundations Recovery Network!

As someone who is in mental health recovery myself, I can say from experience that I knew I needed help, but I couldn’t do it alone. This is why I highly encourage you to seek out treatment, don’t underestimate or compare your problems with anyone else. If you aren’t happy because of an addiction or Mental Health condition– than let’s change that. The Foundations Recovery Network can get you started.

The reason I was honored to be affiliated with the Foundations Recovery Network is because they help people with dual-disorders.

The Foundations Recovery Network has a mission, which is: 
“Help by using a highly experienced and caring staff, comprehensive treatment facilities and a long-term commitment to helping those with co-occurring conditions, The Foundation Recovery Network  provides a full scope of services to meet the needs of persons with dual disorders”.

Just a few of the special and unique ways you can get involved are listed below:

2017-heroes-logoHeroes in Recovery hosts 6K races across the country, and everyone is invited to join in support of the cause: to break the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health issues. We want people in recovery, their families and friends, and people in every community who support those getting help to run the races and join the movement. Heroes also sponsors local events and charities that empower people to live healthy, sober lifestyles. To find out more about Heroes in Recovery 6K events, please click below.


Second, a passionate Psychiatrist who created a website that will help match you with the perfect therapist in your area. She contacted me after a client had talked about some content on this blog and after talking more with her, you can tell she is a passionate health professional who truly wants to help make a difference in the community of Mental Health. Email:


As more organizations contact me, I’ll list them here for you to utilize. Reaching out for help is what saved my life and I hope that the stigma surrounding Mental Health never prevents you from taking an action that can change your life, forever.

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