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fb_img_1527069177489My name is Carrie Doran and however you stumbled across my blog, I’m grateful you’re here. Not because I want to become a Social Media Guru and rack up followers- but only because it’s a fulfilling part of my life getting to connect with people who share their stories, relate with mine and contribute to making the world suck a little less by diving into personal development & becoming better versions of themselves.

DSC_0140This platform allows me to share the hard work and life-changing perspectives it took for me to break free of past trauma and the grip that my Mental Disorders had on me. After dealing with Major Depression, PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder for 3 years–Recently, I was properly diagnosed with Bipolar 2 which proves that Mental Health is a journey, not a one-stop destination. Through an educational background and a passionate focus on personal development, I’m able to better navigate the unknown and scary challenges that are a part of life.

Over time, I became passionate to share these profound lessons that saved my life with others because I want people to know they aren’t alone.

I worked up the courage to share online what I had always considered being a few of my darkest secrets. My purpose was to help one less person feel alone. & Mission Accomplished!  


Starting this blog less than a year ago, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with over 1,000 subscribers and been awarded the “Top Mental Health Blogs” in 2018. Blogging is purely a passion and I do it from a place of compassion and with the purpose to help others.18278307_10206767604268572_6557215294788367376_o

My pride and joy are being the mother to my son whose full of so much life.

& I’m a lucky gal who got to meet her soulmate at 14 years young.

I’m an introvert at heart, but I can pretend to be extroverted if I have to.
& my values revolve around compassion, honesty and & a spirit of adventure

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We deserve to live life as our authentic self; to achieve the result of a fulfilling life. As I continue to aspire and do that, I hope you feel inspired to follow along and do the same.

So share your story, it can inspire others.
Reach out and join our community;
nobody can do life alone.
& subscribe below so we can keep seizing the moments in everyday life, together!

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