Ways To Finally Fulfil Your Goals and NYE Resolutions

personal development

Happy Holidays, friends!
It’s the holiday season so I’m sure most of us are focused on all the Christmas shopping left to do or the plans we’re excited for on Christmas Day. ‘Tis the season, right?! 

But soon after we enter what I call, “Reflection Mode”. We start to make those famous new year resolutions and it seems the majority of us believe that the next year will bring better things. I’ve written New Years Resolutions since I was 19 so I totally understand how great a new beginning sounds and the sense of pride that comes from the idea you are setting yourself up for bigger, better dreams that you didn’t get around to this year. 

But, can I just share the biggest learning lesson I’ve had from so many difficult experiences this year? Having the motive to change just isn’t enough sometimes. A motivation to hit the gym more, to learn more about that business you want to start, a motivation to go back to school; they’re all the very beginning, very basic steps to actually getting to the end goal. 
It takes action. We all know that; sounds simple enough I use to say. But, why haven’t we taken action towards our goals already? For me, it was a variety of factors that took time to discover. It was because my motivation wasn’t strong enough, my confidence in myself needed strengthening, my discipline needed some fine-tuning. Taking action meant way more than motivation, it took consistent hard-work and getting so comfortable with being uncomfortable before I saw changes in my life. 
This year I discovered I had Bipolar 2. I struggle to find the right medications for it and I still have so much to understand, but life doesn’t pause. In the midst of entering my junior year in College and discovering my new life with a diagnosis of Bipolar, I got pregnant! It was such a blessing, but the timing of it was so overwhelming to grasp because of the drastic life changes I was forced to confront this year. Not considering experiencing my first car crash that totaled my car or the home invasion that happen where they stole our car and broke into our home while we were sleeping. Life just has this way of packaging its problems all at once, doesn’t it? But it’s what I needed to finally open that business I’ve been talking about, to reach a point where my mental health is stable and not a consistent roller coaster. Experiences pushed be past motivation, forced me to become disciplined and allowed me to understand I had to rely on myself to get through these trials which built that confidence I needed to finally take action. 

While I hope next year is the best one yet for all of us, I wanted to share my perspective on the importance of working on yourself, for yourself, every day of the year. Work harder on you than you work at your job. Keep looking in the mirror every morning to fall more in love with the person you see because it’s that person in the mirror is who is going to make those new year resolutions happen or find the strength to get through the struggles we experience.

“Life is 10% what happens to us, 90% how we respond”. That is a quote I stumbled on and can’t let go of because of all the truth it carries. Sometimes we can forget that we are the author of our own story.

Instead of waiting till New Years to define those goals and improve your life, try working on them tomorrow. The present moment is all we have and our life is essentially a story that keeps adding new chapters to it. So don’t wait to tap into that strength, courage and positive mindset that you have. Use it every day, built on it and use it to your advantage to write the best story of your life.  


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