Officially Launched Here First: Carrie’s Customs Shop!

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Shop Affordable, Statement Apparel Right Here:

I have been so excited to be working on custom-designed apparel and now I’ve finally launched my store here, first. My dream was to create an apparel line that focused on Mental Health and Positivity; both things the world could use more of, right?  

Because this community has been the driving force and support for me feeling capable of taking on this new adventure, I’d like to offer you 20% off any item you purchase. Use the code “CYBERMONDAY20” if you have a chance to shop this weekend. If you need more discounts or coupons than contact me by signing up and I’ll send them to you directly.  

Quick Sign-up Form:

Here is a quick glimpse of the affordable and customized designs we have available for purchase right now: 

Head over to the shop to check out more designs! Link below:

Thank you for all your support. I appreciate each one of you and I’m grateful for this community of wonderful people sharing their story and inspiring others!

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