We Have So Much To Learn When We Become Comfortable in the Uncomfortable Times

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Untitled design (6)How do you feel about being uncomfortable, about being outside your comfort zone? Because I hated that uncertainty, I use to run from it. I found the unknown is never comfortable, right? It’s not a promise that life is about to get better… or at least that’s what I thought, for years.

Being uncomfortable is something that most of us have to learn how to do. Most of us can’t even tolerate being uncomfortable for short amounts of time. We distract ourselves from our discomfort by using emotional high drama, eating, drinking, drugs and all kinds of addictions, or abusive behavior. 

016da83da8de43030b16a324a513132cDuring my lowest moments, I’ve lost myself only to find myself again. Time and Time again. I get stuck in the rapid cycle of thoughts that welcome themselves back because I’ve forgotten to take a break, I was uncomfortable and as life catches up to me all at once, the pessimism creeps in slowly and I begin to tell myself that:

“The demons from my past follow me around, reminding me of the hardships that I’ve just barely made it out of” 

“The thoughts in my head race all day. No breaks, No intermission. Just the heavy pressure of 100 miles per hour thoughts from morning until night”.

“I’m lost in the fact that we work for money and live for material things. Like the good things in life aren’t free?”

“I hear that “they get me”, but why doesn’t it feel that way?”

24/7 I’m wondering if I’m doing enough. 

“It feels like everyone knows what I’m supposed to be doing and who I’m supposed to become. But the real me isn’t defined by the size of my office or the money in my wallet”.

Those are the common thoughts I can get in a bad habit of letting play over and over when I’m going through a hard time. This pattern of thoughts that become so negative, drowning and have steered me off the path more than once. Although it can happen in a depressive episode, it also happens when the universe decides its time for life to change.

quotes-8-2Eventually, I had to say, “I’m not going to run this time from what I bury deep inside. It’s time to leave it all behind”. And I stayed in the misery. I stayed in the uncomfortable until it became… comfortable.

These uncomfortable moments brought the pain. Pain that stemmed internally and expands outward, making me physically distraught. But, from that pain, I also started to feel a sense of peace. Pain and peace, at once? I wasn’t sure how I felt about those feelings mixed together, either.  That is until Now. 



I realized the pain comes from the uncertainty of never walking that path before, not knowing the new version of you, not knowing what this new life that being uncomfortable is bringing you too or what it has to offer. But the peace stems from the bravery that it takes to sit in uncomfortable times. Bravery is having the audacity to be unhindered by the failures and to walk with hope, strength, and freedom into the face of uncertainty. How many times have we been brave and we never stopped to give ourselves the credit it took to weather that storm? Probably more times than we can count. 


I learned the best things come just one step outside of your comfort zone. You can wake up one day and feel a sense of pride for the life you chose, the life you made the most out of– and not the life you settled for.


The pain always come to the surface, we all make mistakes; that’s alright. That’s life. But it’s about what we build on, not what we got right now that’s going to get us to that next level.



Reach out and Grab That Glass, Fill it Full For You, Don’t let fear destroy it for you.


Remember, you are brave. And the best things wait for us just one step outside our comfort zone.








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