How Becoming Pregnant was what I Needed to Reflect, Change & Commit To New Goals

personal development

Pregnancy. What a game changer?

1f807039599d7cab6452a5721840dd62Life grows and changes, literally in every way, overnight.
That’s how I felt when I was first finding out and adjusting the first few weeks of:

Personal Development always seems to be a natural priority for me, but once I go through the beginning stages of Pregnancy. I feel like it accelerates to be my only priority in the beginning. Forget manicures, self-love routines, date nights; I reflect and mentally prepare for whatever I need to do to ensure I’m being my best self, a truly healthy and happy person.  Maybe I’m just the overthinker that runs into this problem, but I feel like more of us are similar than we are different so perhaps this is normal for others, too?


The questions I ask myself to begin with “Am I being healthy enough? Do I have enough patience? Where can I keep getting better?” and it’s easier for me to make a goal and commit to it when I am pregnant. I’m not sure why, but I think maybe that’s because I’m held accountable for creating a human life which is beautiful, but a large responsibility. Maybe it’s because life slows down and I take the extra time to revisit life with a new perspective– I’m not exactly sure what the inspiration is, but even though I commit to change easier, it doesn’t make change any easier. It’s still hard, difficult and physically exhausting sometimes.

After a miscarriage last year, I think it affected why it felt like nearly 9 weeks for me to truly feel pregnant and maternal. It sounds selfish, but it’s the truth.  I was afraid I’d lose the baby and have to relive the experience that comes when you miscarry. But, this little sidekick has been kicking my butt since day one. He or She decided they were here for good, and I’ve been beyond grateful for the opportunity. A beautiful blessing that was unexpected, but incredibly exciting.

My hope for you is that we realize we’re strong enough to commit to a change, we just need that motivation. Then we can fly wherever we want to go, do whatever it is we truly want to do. For me, it takes large, life-changing events for me to reflect and find that motivation. But, as I grow up and learn; life is about the small choices we make every day. They take us to our biggest adventures.  & for those of you who had gone through miscarries before, I’m sorry. I know the topic is taboo making it harder to express the pain and misery.  But there WILL be light in your life soon, never lose the hope and faith.

A little about this pregnancy: 


Cravings: ice cream, yogurt, juice, water, water. water. Strawberry Yogurt. Chocolate.

Symptoms: The worst is all day sickness; more like nausea that doesn’t go away. Fatigue. Acne. Tiredness. An overwhelming hot feeling, especially in my feet.

13 weeks pregnant, today!

Biggest changes: Seem to be a rapidly growing bump, despite nausea 24/7 that makes it difficult to feel hungry. The even more consistent mood swings (poor husband), the love for oranges and Lemonade that ends up being what I consume most of. The cuteness of Conner’s excitement and sweet gestures. “How much longer till the baby is here? When can I see it start dancing?”

Mood: Mood. Swings. Sums it up nicely haha.

How did you react when you were first adjusting to pregnancy?




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