How To Keep Believing That You Can Accomplish Your Dreams

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Do you believe you can accomplish your dreams?
I know, that sounds so cliche. But, do you?
Because if we don’t believe in ourselves, nobody will believe in us.
& I remember when the present moment seemed so busy, so tiring, so painful; that my dreams took a back seat and the life I was living without dreams began to feel so meaningless. I had forgotten how to believe in myself and let my state of mind take me to a place I didn’t belong.

73e09e95c6841b0a77855e9e0006fa8eWe all have things we believe in, problems we hope will turn around and dreams we want to accomplish. Maybe it’s to lose some weight, break an addiction, start our own business or start a family. And right when we are set on fire to go after those dreams… life carries on, time continues to pass and we don’t see anything changing in our life. So we can get discouraged, we learn to live with it, we learn to settle. Right?

& especially throughout adversity, I’d get discouraged and I’d get bitter. My pain had helped me lose my sense of direction. Because pain and heartache and loss change us. They’ll never leave us the same person.

But, that’s not always a bad thing, is it?

Because it’s true that something unique and powerful can only be developed inside us during these tough times. In those times we lost our sense of direction, we let our dreams pass, we thought our life would be going one way and we’re stuck on the opposite side; It’s these times that can make us or break us. We can get bitter or get better. We can become defeated or make that pain set us on fire about new opportunities.

Hard times change us, but we can handle them. We will get through it. & best of all, how about we don’t go just go through it, but we grow through it. We make sure our pain won’t go to waste.


Life has a way of burying our dreams by the pain, the hurt, what didn’t work out, the divorce, the decisions you made and then those dreams become  “ONE TIME… I believed I could be my own boss”. “One Time, I believed I would be married forever. One time, I had a dream I’d have a family”. That inner dialogue we’re telling ourself and this temporarily weakened state of mind is a lie. Those statements are lies that we begin to tell ourselves when we’ve lost our strong state of mind. It’s never too late to become all you are designed, destined and made to be.

Maybe it doesn’t happen the first time.
Shake it off, it’s still in you. Just stay in the right state of mind.
So my challenge to you is to join me and learn to shake off all the crap that life throws at us. Let’s remember to try again and again.

This is your year to accomplish dreams.

Remember to believe in yourself.

Remember to talk to yourself with kindness and compassion.

Remember to keep your state of mind in the right direction, even when it’s a struggle.


2 thoughts on “How To Keep Believing That You Can Accomplish Your Dreams

  1. Hey there,
    I’m so happy you stumbled across this blog. I’m not a professional and can’t offer help but, what I can do is point you in the direction of Mental Health Resources or provide you my own experiences and be there as a friend who can relate. I’m happy to do both. Just know we all have issues, you aren’t any different or less than the person next to you. Hang in there and the first step is always reaching out! So be proud of yourself for doing that. I’m just an email away.

    Sending you all the positive vibes out there,
    Carrie Doran


  2. Hi I just wanted to say that I suffer from bipolar and depression and I have had issues. I am problems controlling it at times but if anyone can help me please and thank you


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