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Well Hello There!

Lately, I’ve been losing sleep and staying up all night watching personal development video after video. Youtube and I have a love-hate relationship right now.

Either way– It led me to learn one of many epiphanies; specifically, I’m talking about the power of community. So many people out there blog because of the entrepreneur benefits, the money it may bring them, etc. That’s totally fine! I realized though that my passion isn’t to be my own boss, it’s more so to lift people up because we rise when we’re helping other people rise.

Whether I’m the most popular blogger out there or not– I’ll use what influence I do have to help people. To me, I think it’ll be really helpful if others were able to share their story with overcoming life challenges, finding fulfillment and the trials and triumphs of Mental Health. So many of the emails I get have the same theme– they “could never talk about their struggle, it’d be too hard”. I’ve been there and totally understand. But I’m going to challenge them to talk about their challenges because it’ll help so much more than people realize.

That’s why I’m going to start a “Guest Post” series.  You may be wondering what the heck is the benefit of guest posting? Well, I believe our stories have the power to break down barriers. Blogging has allowed me to reflect and learn so much by connecting with a community of like-minded people. I believe that the community can benefit even more by allowing others to use this platform to share their story and inspire others. Through sharing we all find a common ground, inspiration, hope, meaning, and, ultimately, action.

If you are interested in learning more about it, I have all the information below. You can also submit/research more about it by visiting my new page: SUBMIT GUEST POST.

guestpost1.pngThis is why I’ve decided to begin a series of “Guest Posting” that I can feature on the site. The stories you’ll hear will remain true to what I write about and what I believe in and will continue to reach the thousands of readers who follow along both on the blog and through social media.

I’m looking for submissions that are true and relevant to the theme of this blog. Essentially that is using your own personal story about:
-The journey with Mental Health; including the trials and triumphs.
-Teaching others how you turned obstacles into opportunities.
-Insight into a certain life challenge and sharing how you overcame it.
-Overcoming hurts, habits, and hang-ups so others can feel empowered to do the same.
-Situations that helped you become more resilient.

So, if you are interested in Guest Posting than all you have to do is read the few guidelines below and follow the instructions on how to pitch your story.

Please read the information below and then send an email to If it’s easier, you may also submit it through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Please include the following in your Guest Post Submission email:

A short pitch. Your pitch should include:
Two or three topics for articles that you think would be a good fit for this site
Links to 2 examples of your best-published work.
Please include a link to your own website and a brief author bio
Last, please title the email “GUEST POST” so we can be sure to receive it.
Once your materials are received, we will discuss the specific guidelines, benefits, and deadlines for your featured post.
If you have any additional questions, contact me directly! I’m here to help. & most of all, a sincere thank you for wanting to share your voice and presence in our community.




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