How to believe in yourself when nobody else does.

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33a499b74d7d356e2180e02ae2dd6e53There are days when even my loved ones don’t believe in me.
I’ve let them down before, it’s bound to happen again.
And when I look into their faces all I see is my past; failures, let downs, put downs.
You make 10 steps forward only to eventually take 9 back and it feels like failure.
So than you’re left feeling alone, right? Feeling like all you have is… you.
& although that use to keep me up at night and leave me feeling so alone
all I see now is light and opportunity because I started to truly understand my potential, lean into me and chase my dreams with a drive so strong that it feels unbreakable most days.

I realized that there are few things you just can’t learn from the textbook, it’s something you have to live through from pure experience and hardships. I learned how to believe in myself, finally, I learned how to talk to myself with the intention of being constantly positive and it tuned out the negative noise that kept holding me back.  I realized that all the obstacles I had faced which got me to the point I’m at today, in this moment, was done by me.

196399430c1203a3061f8731fa8e9836If you too struggle with feeling misunderstood, than use it as fuel. Use it to power yourself into taking action. There is extraordinary power and skills that comes from believing in yourself. Nobody will call you up to tell you how great your idea was, like we hope for.
Getting what you want and making the most out of the time you have requires you to put yourself in a position to succeed. YOU see the finish line before one even exists!

People might support you, encourage you and be there for you. But you bring the hard work which achieved the goal you want. Just like you can’t build a business on potential only, you can’t live your life relying on others to always be your motivation. Results are binary. You either accomplish or you didn’t. You either won or lost. People only see the result of our actions.

So that means every step we take from here on out depends on: you and your thoughts. Me and My thoughts.

How we internalize failure and how we deal with setbacks are situations that only WE can figure out. Nobody will pat us on the back when we overcome them.  And quitting is simply not an option so believe in yourself, even if you’re the only one sometimes.

You have more waiting for you
You’re cloaked in confidence
And one day they’ll look at what you built, and say how lucky you are…

But they wont understand the obsessive and compulsive work drive you dedicated time after time. the rest of the world might turn around  but believe in your greatness. it is THERE. and you need to know it’s there. your self belief will define you.

Go after all the adventures. Dream and don’t be afraid to live in  the clouds. Live like you designed the day. You got to want it bad. And it’s so easy to quit, to give-up. You’ll want to cry, but don’t cry and quit. Cry to keep going.

What can we do that will put us on firm footing in life? Some of us go through life and never tap into our potential.

If you don’t know what the meaning of your life is than make a conscious effort to figure out what you are suppose to do here on this earth and it can literally save your life. Do what you have to do to figure out you. Especially because fear and a lack of self esteem is what keeps us from doing what we want to be doing. We get stuck on a certain level and can’t see past our situations because fear is so subtle; it sneaks up on us. Fear aids us, puts us in the hospital, holds us back from doing things we know we can do but it’ll still paralyze us. like we are in a hypnotic spell. Fear is false evidence that appears real. It’s an illusion. It’s a state of mind that you can change. Expand your self-esteem by looking at yourself and where you are at in life right now than compare it to where you wanna be. Fight through the fear by talking to yourself. Turn your inner dialogue into a positive one.

7433e9d3d4c73b387a8d50c84a899e84When you go to work, you know what you’ll make.
When you’re driving, you know where you’re going.
These predictable patterns leave us with a lower self esteem because we aren’t exploring our true purpose in life, we aren’t working on ourselves. We are working to please the others.

Start by investing in you. New skills, new knowledge, make investments, read a book.

Don’t let your dream go. I didn’t want to make mistakes. I used to aim to be perfect. How great it’d be to be liked by everyone, but that’s not going to happen. Whenever you decide to take life on, Begin to fortify yourself. Begin to intentionally monitor your inner self-talk. The only really good things you will hear about you is from you. “I can do this. I can make this happen. I believe in me”.

It’s not over until you say it’s over. Take action. Seize the moment. Carpe Diem. Nobody knows you like you do, so believe in you even when nobody else does.

“It takes courage to become who you really are.”


3 thoughts on “How to believe in yourself when nobody else does.

  1. You are such a authentic, beautiful soul. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and show some love. I truly appreciate it! I’m only as incredible as the people I surround myself with 🙂 SO thank you for joining the journey. I love the content on your blog, by the way. I love the variety of topics and design. Get it girl!!! XOXO. Look forward to hearing from you more. Maybe a guest post swap some day?

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