The biggest breakthrough I’ve had with Mental Health learned in 2 days.

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(My first ever Vlog linked below)

Before I attended my first self-love workshop, called JOYride in Las Vegas, I had no idea I’d walk out with a burning passion for life and to step into my purpose in life. I grossly underestimated what I learned over the course of two days at this event because the weeks leading up to the event were difficult.  My medication adjustments for Bipolar 2 left me feeling lost. I was tired, confused and mentally exhausted. I wasn’t looking for answers or taking action, I was just waiting around to deal with my next episode or bad day. Today, I know how to take back the power in my life. I learned and now practice developing a positive mindset so that I can create a positive Mental Health experience for myself. This didn’t seem like an option for me before. And I didn’t need to reinvent myself, I just needed to reconnect with myself.

This workshop allowed me to find clarity on my beliefs and values which than helps you see a clear future ahead of you (which is usually a discouraging topic because Mental Health is so unpredictable).

  Amanda Silvas, the event host, put together a beautiful weekend of activities that led to these breakthroughs. She and the woman who attended provided a space where we could be vulnerable and open about our insecurities.  I haven’t had to sit down and do tough inner-work, digging so deep and soul searching for what I want out of life. This was the first time that I was focused on just life, not life with Mental Health. Because of this, I felt my perspectives, attitudes and beliefs changing. And– this all happen during a 20 hour span which is kind of astonishing to me.

I want to share with you what I learned in the Vlog I made. I feel like I just lit a fire inside that I’m never going to put out and I want all of us to feel this way— we deserve it. Don’t ya think?

I challenge you, for you– to watch the video!
Take just a few minutes out of your day to do something for YOU.
You’ll understand the content and be able to do the same work in your own life.   You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Let’s keep going on this journey, together!

IMG_2316& Don’t miss out on the next event in October. I promise you will want to be there. I’ll link the information to these incredible people who pour their talents into helping the lives of others & man, are they great at it. Here is where you can find some more information:

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