The single, significant way I began to change my life..(Collab included too!)


Hello & a Happy Monday to each of you. I wanted to start by saying a simple and most sincere thank you… for being the crowd of special people that share & support happiness and discuss these different mental health Adventures! You’re the ones who help stop stigma and leave nothing off the table in conversation. Even when it’s hard, it’s people that motivate me most. The real type of people like you! Don’t forget to take my quiz so I can understand you better. A 30 Second Survey to better understand YOU!

This post I’m especially excited for because we have a guest visitor: The beautiful Bexa! A fellow blogger with a creative mind & who puts together beautiful crafts and creations. From the other side of America, comes her same love and admiration for reading. We connected over twitter & It was so easy to find out that both of us are huge bookworms! Today, she brings her own perspective on why she reads, how it helps her & she’s posting her favorite books too! I think you’ll find it very helpful, especially if you aren’t an avid reader. (Trust me—I’ve been there & totally understand you). Tag along her journey by following the link below & let me know what your personal experiences are with reading before you go!

My experience is just one example of how reading can change your thinking and change your life.

The way I look at myself or the way we look at the world is often linked back to our perceptions. Our perceptions are shaped by our experiences. But what if we had the chance to re-do some of those experiences and memories that shaped us… would you?

Because I know I would.

Reading was that escape for me. That friend I could turn to when the world became too much. That teacher that taught me to look at myself in a new light. It’s the never-ending fountain of wisdom & knowledge that pours into your life and touches it so deeply that you never will be the same.

Harry Potter sparked my reading experience as a young girl, but just as quick as it came…I had high school to blame for ruining it. All the books you’re asked to analyze, read, write and complete homework on—I started to associate reading with stress and stopped reading for fun entirely.

I never picked up a book from the ages of 16 to 23. But then I entered a period in my life where my depression had just evolved, my anxiety was officially a disorder and my thinking pattern was so negative that I felt hopeless it’d ever ease up. I was desperate for something to help. That something which helped became a book; one called “Change your thinking Change your Life”(Link below… a seriously good must-read).

The knowledge I obtained from reading book after book after book is the only thing that encouraged me to start planning for my future, writing in a journal and improving my mindset when it came to setting goals.  The knowledge that author after author fed me was like food for my soul, it was so so good.

If you read enough books, some start to blend together and some just don’t stick. The greatest part about reading though is you have the power to become knowledgeable in an area you know nothing about and you can find a problem that still needs a solution. A small action that leads to a big result! Out of dozens of books, I know that I’m in love with some more than others, but I haven’t ever felt like it wasted my time. I always learn a new perspective, or some fact or life-lesson that I carry with me. This simple hobby had the most significant impact of on my mind. If your ever not sure about something in life, read about it.. I take it you do that already because you’re here, right?

Changing one bad habit at a time happens by challenging our beliefs, it comes from willpower and perspective change.

I promise you that reading is one of those habits you won’t ever walk away from and regret that you did it.

What are some simple ways you’ve began living a happier & healthier life?

PS. These are my favorite books, my bibles. They poured so much wisdom into my life that I’m eager for you to check them out. So I refrained from listing what they’re about in hopes you’ll click the picture and check out the book yourself. Do something for you today!

  1. Uninvited:
  2. Daring Greatly:
  3. The Ego-Less Self:

Don’t forget to check out Bexa over on twitter:


One thought on “The single, significant way I began to change my life..(Collab included too!)

  1. Yay! I loved reading this post Carrie! 💖 Reading can really change our lives and we can learn so much in the process. I love that you have a included Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly, she is amazing and its such an inspirational and positive book. Thank you for the collaboration and the lovely things you said about my blog too 😘. Great post girl xx

    Bexa |


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