crossroads are so much harder than it sounds.

Especially when Bone Thugs’ Harmony goes outs, makes one of the best songs with the catchy beat  calling it “Crossroads” which gives you all the extra feels.

I  think of crossroads as a time in life where you have two decisions; both very important, but polar opposite outcomes. We all probably experience them in different ways & at different times. Some consider it a time of crossroads when you’re at the boiling point, Boiling down to a negative outcome in so many things. A way that I think of it is when a critical decision can be made that changes drastic aspects in your life. A crossroad can always be a good thing too as if two problems finally crossed roads.

Life’s hard. I know in my life, I started having some serious life changing aspects from a crossroads starting at like 5 years old. But life without crossroads would be a life without measure. There would be no room for new possibilities. Crossroads come down to must or should.

When we must do something, it’s that calling that starts coming from within. That thought that never leaves the mind. Must is that amazing feeling that we feel when we first hold our child and know we must take care of its needs for life. A crossroads when you stop looking for the answers out there and  must do something because there isn’t really any options or second thoughts .

When I should do something, I realize it’s coming from a place just as important. It’s based off the people I love, the things that I value, the world I created.

A crossroads when you should do something is prioritizing connection, love and personal reflection first. Reflecting on what can go wrong, who will it hurt, what can I gain and how will it help me.

I’m at a crossroads, in different areas of life. Chances are, you probably are too. How do I figure out when I should do something or when I must? a nearby psychic. Perhaps Craigslist if that isn’t working.

We will go the wrong way at least once. We will wish we’d went the other way, had a better outcome and feel that regret heavily. We will go around and around in our head what we should’ve, could’ve, would’ve.

It’s also a part of life that you’ll have to be honest with yourself in a crossroads. You’ll have to be vulnerable… a bold, but beautiful place to be in life.

Remembering that at the end of the day, I’m not expected to be perfect. I don’t know any actual judges so my money, my time, my calling are all parts of life that I can try & try again. That is, as long as I don’t give up.

This has been on my mind a lot and I realized from friends of mine that we all are going from one crossroads to another. The coolest part about us is that when we are vulnerable and make those bold decisions at crossroads; even when we’re wrong.. we will get there. We will do better next time.

I want to start tightening my grip on the things I want. I want to close that gap on my reality and my dreams. I don’t want to wait till tomorrow, I must choose today, grow more vulnerable and when I fall, just get up and do better next time.

I hope you remember that you have that something super special inside of you. Embrace the crossroads, choose the hard, but totally worth it decisions.

I’m giving all the credit to this new and inspiring epiphany that I had while reading< “The Crossroads of Should and Must”. It’s such a good read!

Happy Sunday friends. Wishing you the best, always.

Carrie Doran

This way or that way? Why crossroads teach us so much.

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