Quiet the mind & the Soul will speak.

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Being the big Disney fan I am, I remember a famous quote by Walt Disney where he says, “Happiness is a state of mind. it’s just according to the way you look at things”.  While that quote is inspirational, I never agreed with it when I first started to suffer from Depression and Anxiety. The way I looked at things seemed out of my control and out of control for the other 16 million people who suffer from these mental illnesses, (World Health Organization).I

Depression and Anxiety cripple the lives of many, everyday with dozens of pessimistic thoughts and irrational fears. That’s exactly how I functioned, everyday,  until I was introduced to the powerful skill of meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation is proven by scientists that it leads to advanced mental awareness; constantly maintaining a well-balanced, calm, and clear state of mind. (EOC Institute, 2018). In my experience, practicing meditation daily  resulted in a bulletproof brain, impervious to depression, Even more exciting was learning Mindful Meditation; which was the ability to approach the experiences of life and others with kindness and more understanding.

If I were you, I know that my amount of faith isn’t going to be enough to convince you of the importance of mindfulness and mediation & how it changed my life, and the lives of many.  So let’s take a look at the science behind it. Scientists from the, Foundation For a Mindful Society,  have credible research that shows mindfulness has this ability to reprogram our brains.  Both science and the experiences of mindful meditation have demonstrated its positive benefits for health, happiness, work, and relationships. It awakens parts of your brain that is on auto-pilot.

Mindfulness is becoming a popular social phenomenon because:

  • Anyone can do it. Mindfulness doesn’t require a special skill. It’s cultivated in all of our universal human qualities.
  • It’s a way of living.  Mindfulness isn’t just a hobby, it has the ability to change our perspective and make life better. It can even cut down what we stress about once learned and practiced regularly.
  • It’s evidence-based.  Both science and experience demonstrate its positive benefits for every aspect of life: from friendships, to relationships, to life and work.
  • It sparks innovation. Life will always be complex and uncertain, but mindfulness helps us remain resilient in hard times, effective in our decision making and enables us to control our responses to outrageous problems. .

This simple yet powerful act of mindfulness and meditation is one that anyone can do. I still struggle with these mental illness, but these practices were so strong and important in helping me live my daily life  with depression and anxiety. I’d encourage anyone who struggles with the same mental disorders to make your time a priority.

If you want to try these practices, or if you are desperate for anything that will help with the life your living: Start by setting a commitment everyday to dedicate time for meditation and mindfulness. Prepare a space in your house that allows you to escape and begin these skills. It’s helpful because when you become mindful, you can reduce stress, enhance performance, gain insight and awareness all through observing and spending time within our mind, You deserve that. All you have to do is make that first step to try it and practice it.

Now, I am able to understand Walt Disney’s quote much better. He is describing the fact that,  how we perceive the world is largely dependent on our inner state of mind and oh, how true that is.

With Depression and Anxiety, we may still have bad, sad and mad days. That’s a part of life. However, with knowledge of these mindfulness skills, let’s begin living our best life. They will not hold us back anymore, but build ourselves up through personal growth. Life is too short to continue and battle our own mind. Meditation and Mindfulness taught me to stop holding on to what hurts and make room for what feels good.

The most important quote to me that reminds me the  life changes that mindfulness and meditation  “Freedom is not given to us by anyone; we have to cultivate it ourselves. It is a daily practice”.

  We have bad days and long days. We have sad days and mad days. These are all normal emotions that every person goes through. The good news is that those bad days which are accompanied with negative feelings will pass and within a day or two you’ll be back to yourself; Living your best life. 


Wishing you all a week full of love. Remember, you’re imperfections make you wonderful & perfect just the way you are…right now.




























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